The name says it all: I'll be creating a documentary of your family's real life. Like a photojournalist who travels to the corners of the earth to photograph the cultures & customs they encounter, I’ll be your family historian for the day, documenting the routines, quirks, & traditions that make your family who they are.

Whether it's a simple day at home, a special event, or a trip to the beach, I’ll capture real moments as they unfold – no posing & no directing. I won't ask you to smile, I'll just ask you to be yourself so that I can capture real smiles (& laughter, & frowns, & tantrums). 

I want to get to the heart of who your family is, one photo at a time.


Because the costs of creating amazing pictures are really high. But why would you want to pay that kind of money for it? Because the costs of not doing it are even greater.

The value of family photography goes beyond the price, and it increases with time. I would go as far as saying that the pictures of my family and from my childhood, are THE MOST valuable non-living things in my house. Nothing else even comes close


That I can't answer for you, because like any relationship, ours will be a relationship. I'm going to be in your home, with you and the people closest to you. So more than anything, I want you to feel like I'm someone you think you'll really enjoy working with. A few people have been kind enough to say some really humbling things about working with me, so have a look if you like.

If I'm not your photographer, that's absolutely OK. I know a ton of local photographers, each with a different style and different price points, so if we aren't a match, say the word and I'll try to help you find someone who is. 

I need help figuring out what to plan! I feel like we don't do anything interesting.

We take care of this during the consultation. I have a questionnaire for you to fill out that gives me some insights into your family values and normal routines. From there, I’ll give some suggestions about what I think would make for a really awesome session. One thing to keep in mind, what we do isn’t that important. The activities we plan are largely used to facilitate interactions and genuine emotions.