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The Setting – I specialize in natural light photography so all of the images will be outside with minimal props and no backdrops… just the wide open air.

Your Child’s Experience – Being outside seems to allow your kids to feel more comfortable.  There is plenty of space, no bright lights, nobody making them sit a certain way, etc.  In fact, a lot of times preschoolers don’t want to sit at all!  And, that’s okay.  I’ve been known to play a few games of tag to get them to warm up to the camera!  I will spend the time that I need with each child to to try to ensure we get some pictures that you are excited about.

The preschool and kindergarten years go too quickly and it is important to capture these fleeting moments to look at in years to come. . I aim to create natural scenes of fun and joy, reflecting the individual personality of each child. Some children love to have their photo taken, while others need a little coaxing. I have been working with children of all ages for many years and understand how to make them feel safe and relaxed.  


Contact me if you’d like to find out more about how to schedule little voice photos for your child’s preschool! I capture children at play both indoor and out, studio portraits, class photos, sibling and family photos, and any time you want to capture them being themselves.


A la carte add ons (must be purchased with a package)

additional digital images - $25 |  5x7 - $12 |  8x10 - $18 |  8 wallets - $10 |  3x5 - $8 |  4x6 -$10 

Package 1 -    $75

3 - digital portraits.

1 - digital class photo

Package 2 -  $55

2- digital portraits

1 - digital class photo


Where can I print my photos? See the list of online photo labs to facilitate your print ordering

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Package 3  $35

1 - digital portrait

1 - digital class photo


Preschool Pricing & FAQ's


How do I order online?

You can find the link to little voice photos  proofing site here. Click on the link to order preschool pictures and you will be redirected to the ordering site.  At that point you should be given an option to select your child’s school.  If for some reason your password is not working, please contact Lisa at

Please refer to the pricing sheet for your preferred package. Simply add the the package items to the shopping cart, and the package price will go into effect upon checkout.

Can I send family and friends to see the pictures? Can they place orders too?

Yes, you can! Simply send them the link to the web site and give them your access code.

What does the Expiration Date on my gallery mean?

Your gallery’s expiration date is the last day that you can place an order. It is 30 days after your gallery opens.

I do not leave images up indefinitely. After 30 days, images will be removed from the site and from the system as we have concluded that you are not planning to order unless you contact the studio to ask for an extension.

My child missed picture day. Can I schedule a make-up?

Yes, we can arrange to reschedule.  If you would be interested in participating in a make up day, please contact the and let me know. Depending on the number of needed make ups, a day and time (or multiple days and times) will be scheduled.

What about siblings? Can they be photographed even if they don’t go to the school?

Please contact me to ask about this possibility – I would love to photograph your other children too, but it will depend on how tight the day’s shooting schedule is.

What if I don’t like my pictures?

After viewing your images, if you don’t like any of them, you do not have to buy them.

If I choose to purchase digital images, how are those digital images delivered to me?

If you order digital images through the ordering site, you will be sent a link via email within 4-5 days that will allow you to download the full resolution images purchased. 

What should my child wear?

Solid colored clothing is best. Keep it simple, and avoid distracting choices such as shirts with large pictures or logos. It doesn’t have to be fancy either; Jeans and a simple shirt that go with the background are always a good choice.

Do I have to Pre-Pay for a Package?

No, there is nothing to pay for. No decisions about sizes or packages have to be made until after you see your images.

When will I see pictures?

Approximately three weeks after picture day, your images will be available for viewing here in Client Proofing.

Do I get more than one picture to choose from?

Yes, usually parents get 3-4+ images to select from. Keep in mind that some children are more camera shy than others, so this will vary some.

How much do pictures cost?

Preschool pictures have a special school only price list.  Packages start at $30 .

How do I pay for my pictures?

At check-out you have the option to pay online with your credit card, or you can mail it to little voice photos. All checks must be payable to Lisa Wiltse. Please email for the address.  Please refer to the pricing sheet for your preferred package. Simply add the the package items to the shopping cart, and the package price will go into effect upon checkout.


All photographs will be cropped, color corrected and retouched.  If you have any questions or specific retouching requests, please call us at 917-436-3522 or email